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Our Manifesto

In Crete, we are the leaders in authentic approach to travel and luxury – one that is inspiring yet effortless, elevated yet conscious, highly curated yet understated. It’s the type of travel our guests are seeking more and more, as they evolve their journeys into more more mindful and enriching experiences.

Now, after 20 years of crafting and perfecting our skills around our motto of ‘a Truer, Timeless Greece’, we are taking the PHĀEA brand to the next level, expanding our proposition across new destinations, offers and experiences.

We are taking the best components of our current flagship hotels as foundation for our future growth and vision, while staying true to our original mission of creating meaningful travel experiences that bring likeminded people together.

In doing so, we will always stay true to our values of consciousness, innovation and community, conveyed in every way, from how we do business and connect with new partners, to our communications with guests and each other.

As we we look into our next chapter, it’s also our responsibility to push the boundaries of luxury hospitality and evolve together with our guests, towards a kinder, more immersive version of travel.

We will do so through original PHĀEA Experiences creating an even deeper connection to the landscapes around us, the nuances of local culture, and the people who make it happen.

Our Legacy

We grew up in hotels, as our father was amongst the pioneers of tourism in Crete; an educated visionary who helped shape quality tourism. We carry our country and our island with us everywhere we go. On an island with enough fascinating history, architecture, culture, scenery, and outdoor activities to fill several lifetimes, you will find yourself slow to leave any of our places. This is no coincidence. Hospitality is part of our legacy and we feel a sense of responsibility to uphold the traditions that our land and our people taught us. We open our home to our guests and welcome them in our most authentic way.

We bring an authentic approach to experiential travel and luxury – one that is inspiring yet effortless, elevated yet conscious, highly curated yet understated. What has set us apart over the years is our heart-warming hospitality and our commitment to an authentic Greek summer experience. This is the hospitality we want to offer to our guests, introducing them to the things locals love to eat, telling them our stories and secrets, and creating moments that we would love you to be part of.

– Agapi & Costantza Sbokou

PHĀEA means the light of the eye, a sign of joy & happiness

The Greek letter “Phi” (Φ) is the symbol of Golden Ratio, a mathematical constant found throughout all creation. This harmony and proportion has been recognised for thousands of centuries: from the Pyramids in Giza to the Parthenon in Athens. This is the symbol of perfect balance in nature; the symbol of perfect harmony.


Our Destinations

Born in Crete, a destination renowned for its expansive tourism infrastructure and diverse hotel offering, PHĀEA is evolving to encompass the lesser explored Greece, bringing beautiful new destinations into the brand’s world.

Each PHĀEA destination offers a place to live fully and freely. At the heart of the brand’s distinct hideaways is a dedication to quality; that which is elegant, timeless and intrinsically tied to place, explored from a fresh and innovative perspective.

We are speaking to the traveller who seeks for effortless and elevated experiences without limits. They are drawn to the possibility of an endless summer, filled with sun, light, creativity and connection. Taking a responsible approach to travel, they value community, creativity and softly sophisticated hospitality. This traveller arrives with an open mind, ready to embrace serendipity, creating space for unexpected stories and meaningful moments. Relaxing into a slower pace, Phāea immerses them in the many facets of modern Greece.

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Our People: Learning & Thriving Together

Together, we’re on a journey of learning and evolution, where every day is an opportunity to develop new skills, to embrace new experiences, and to take another step forward towards our vision of an altogether kinder hospitality.


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