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Arena* 2022, Crete

Arena* 2022, Crete


Words by Design Hotels

In Crete, we packed the Promadic mindset that we shared at Arena* in Tbilisi and pushed it even further—or around—with the 2022 theme: Circle Back Circle Forward. As the world accelerates, we gathered to contemplate where the past and present meet and how the bonds of infinite circularity connect us. Together, we explored circular economies and thinking, which is the path we see towards the sustainable future of travel and living.

From May 18-20, Crete’s layered landscape and history imbued a program of diverse talks and workshops. Staying true to our core pillars of art, design and architecture, we brought cross-industry innovators to share their visions and ideas for the future—from regenerative new materials, agricology and holistic sustainable practices, to new technologies. These themes were distilled through a series of breakout sessions, panels, and speakers, both on-site and off-site. Rounding out the program, we looked at business updates and opportunities, applying new ways of thinking to orient us towards a better tomorrow.

After Arena* we continued our journey with Owners Weekend from May 20-22. The program illuminated the “new Athens,” offering an inside look at the vibrant creative and innovation scene that’s thriving in this ancient city. This dynamic, forward-looking community acted as our muse, inspiring an interactive schedule of events that fused well-being, technology, and art, while building in moments for connection and conversation.


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