Cooking Lessons

Cooking Lessons


We share our love for Cretan food as you step into the heart of Cretan culinary magic, where each dish tells a tale as old as the island itself. At Cretan Malia Park, our culinary journey is not just about flavors; it’s an immersive story that unfolds in the vibrant hues of the local produce and the warmth of our hospitality. Picture yourself under the Mediterranean sun, surrounded by lush gardens where olives, figs, and aromatic herbs sway to the rhythm of nature.

As our Executive Chef, Lefteris Iliadis, at Cretan Malia Park, shares the stage with sustainable agricultural practices, the stage is set for an authentic Cretan experience. A wooden table, specially crafted for our garden, becomes a canvas for traditional Cretan meze, a symphony of flavors that beckons you to savor the essence of Crete. With a sip of raki in hand, guests are welcomed into a world where sustainability and gastronomy dance in harmony.

But the tale doesn’t end there; it only begins. Following this gastronomic prelude, guests are invited to handpick seasonal vegetables and herbs from our garden, forging a connection between the earth and the plate. The bounty of nature becomes the protagonist in our in-depth cooking workshop at Mouries, where the secrets of Cretan cooking are passed down from chef to guest.

Celebrating the island’s deep-rooted food heritage, rich regional produce and world-renowned dining culture, our hotels focus on sustainable local gastronomy through time-honoured traditions and innovative concepts.
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Meanwhile, at Blue Palace, a different chapter unfolds. Executive Chef Giannis Kallivretakis becomes the storyteller, revealing the insider’s secrets of traditional Greek cuisine in ‘A Taste of Greece.’ The Prawn Saganaki, a masterpiece in the making, takes center stage. Feta cheese melts into a tomato sauce kissed by ouzo or wine, intertwining with sweet, tender prawns. It’s not just a dish; it’s a symphony of flavors that resonate with the spirit of Crete.

This culinary odyssey transcends recipes; it’s a narrative that binds guests to the heart of Cretan culture. With every chop, stir, and taste, you become a part of a timeless story that celebrates the island’s culinary heritage, blending classic charm with a contemporary twist. Indulge not just in the dishes but in the stories they tell, making each meal a chapter in the epic tale of Cretan cuisine.

Phāea Blue Palace

Wild beauty. Unrivaled island style. A place where you can sense an older, truer more timeless Greece and the virtues of care and authenticity are celebrated by an understated sense of luxury.

Cretan Malia Park

A lifestyle worth discovering. Proudly local, enveloped by an idyllic locale, a hideaway in every sense where mindfulness and design intertwine seamlessly, welcoming families and couples alike.