Cretan Feast

Cretan Feast


The most talked-about celebrations across Greece are the festivals of each village. Picture locals coming together to savor authentic recipes and swap those famous mantinades, those impromptu rhymes that celebrate love, life, and friendship. And the best part? They’re singing and dancing into the wee hours – talk about a spirited celebration!

Now, let’s talk about life in Crete – a place where opportunities to celebrate are as abundant as the sunshine. Imagine a scene with good music, endless dances, and an infectious festival culture that unfolds under the full moon, beside the sea, within vineyards, or atop majestic mountains. Feasts are scattered all over the island, celebrating religious holidays, weddings, or baptisms. It’s a perpetual occasion to indulge in the trio of eating, drinking, and celebrating life with your favorite people. And guess what? The vibe is always set to our signature tone – a perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

An epicurean exploration of the island’s traditions
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Feel the energy, positivity, and potential in the air! This is your invitation to explore, connect, and embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Here’s your exclusive invitation to dive into the extraordinary world of Cretan Feast, a distinctive ritual that unfolds with flair. Imagine the night sky illuminated by large bonfires at our private beach, casting a warm glow on the preparation of the renowned “antikristo” lamb – seasoned with sea salt and slowly cooked for a mesmerizing five hours above the crackling fire.

But that’s not all! Authentic local delicacies will be conjured up on the spot, creating a culinary symphony that tantalizes the taste buds. As you indulge, let the unique tunes of the Cretan lyra serenade you, adding a distinct rhythm to the festivities. It’s more than just a feast; it’s a cultural and gastronomical experience like no other.


This isn’t just a story; it’s an authentic experience. Immerse yourself in this celebration against a backdrop of breathtaking beauty by the sea. And let’s not forget the unparalleled service of Phāea Blue Palace, ensuring your experience is nothing short of exceptional. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the unexpected, connect with the culture, and savor every opportunity to make memories in this enchanting realm where classic meets contemporary. Welcome to the Cretan Feast!

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Wild beauty. Unrivaled island style. A place where you can sense an older, truer more timeless Greece and the virtues of care and authenticity are celebrated by an understated sense of luxury.

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