Outdoor Living - one with nature

Outdoor Living – one with nature


Indulge in a world of activities, where your days can be filled with tranquility or adventure. Enjoy the coastal lifestyle by the sparkling blue waters, relax by your choice of swimming pool, and recharge under the sun. Whether it’s biking through the scenic landscapes of Crete, playing tennis or volleyball, the options are yours to explore.

Explore the rugged beauty of Crete through exhilarating hikes that unveil the island’s diverse landscapes and rich history. Immerse yourself in the scent of wild herbs, discover hidden villages, and traverse ancient stone pathways that echo tales of Cretan mythology. The island’s varied terrain offers trails suitable for every level, making Crete a haven for both seasoned trekkers and casual adventurers alike. Whether ascending mountain peaks or strolling through olive groves, hiking in Crete promises a unique and immersive experience in nature’s embrace.

Our hotels’ coastal location provides miles of pristine sands and crystal-clear Mediterranean waters. Lounge on our private beach, or explore water activities like canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkeling. Experience a variety of sports at our hotels, including basketball, floodlit tennis, and beach volleyball.

Inspiring journeys through the trails of Crete
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Embark on a delightful journey as you explore the charm of local roads and landmarks on invigorating bike rides. As a bike-friendly destination, we provide secure parking for those with their own bikes, ensuring convenience for cyclists of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just looking for a leisurely ride, our locale offers picturesque landscapes and notable landmarks for you to discover at your own pace.

In our garden-set gym at our hotels, find the perfect balance between pampering and fitness. Surrounded by lush greenery, our gym provides a serene environment for your workouts. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, it caters to various fitness needs, making your exercise routine both enjoyable and effective. Join our daily classes, including yoga and pilates, to unwind, relax, and stay motivated, embracing the laid-back pace of island life. These wellness activities, set against the beauty of our hotels, offer a rejuvenating experience for both body and mind.

Cretan Malia Park

A lifestyle worth discovering. Proudly local, enveloped by an idyllic locale, a hideaway in every sense where mindfulness and design intertwine seamlessly, welcoming families and couples alike.

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