Phāea Plan Bee

Phāea Plan Bee


Welcome to the buzzing world of Phāea Plan Bee – our apiculture initiative. Answering the call to bolster pollinators, particularly our beloved bees, and championing their protection, we’ve set up our own beehives. A breed that has been buzzing since Minoan times, they’re managed organically by our expert keeper, who feeds knowledge and techniques back to the Beekeeping Cooperative of Heraklion. It’s estimated these important pollinators are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat, so you can see why we have a bee in our bonnet about protecting and promoting this precious species. Our mission? Creating a bee-friendly landscape, adorned with gardens and vibrant flowering plants that bloom throughout the seasons, along with ample water sources.

Embrace the journey of Phāea Plan Bee – where innovation meets nature

Picture yourself on a guided tour through our organic garden and beehives, followed by an immersive mini-harvesting experience and a delightful session of honey tasting. And the feast doesn’t end there! Indulge in the goodness of delicious traditional Cretan pies drizzled with honey, accompanied by a celebratory cocktail that adds the perfect touch to this unique experience.


Join us in this initiative, where innovation meets nature, and every moment is an opportunity to connect, explore, and savor the sweetness of Plan Bee. Welcome to a world where tradition and forward-thinking harmony in the most delightful way!

Phāea Blue Palace

Wild beauty. Unrivaled island style. A place where you can sense an older, truer more timeless Greece and the virtues of care and authenticity are celebrated by an understated sense of luxury.