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Our Guests

Our Guests

At Phāea, we give precedence to our guests, striving to create unique, unforgettable experiences by embracing innovation, sustainability and family values. Our goal is to encourage them to develop a solid connection to the land, the surrounding environment and the local culture.

Our Numbers

sustainable awareness events (local wine tastings, cooking lessons, Cretan feast and more)
2.568 m²
of inhouse Certified Organic Gardens
free of synthetic pesticides & herbicides landscapes
2.334 kg
of own production in seasonal vegetables and herbs
593 kg
honey production via the Phāea Farmers program
12.755 kg
fruits & vegetables via the Phāea Farmers program
9.530 kg
Phāea Olive Oil via the Phāea Farmers program

Our Approach

As luxury hotel operators, we are conscious of the need to deliver uncompromising service while focusing on minimising our environmental effects, regenerating our planet and creating a positive social impact. With people at the very heart of our operation, enhancing well-being, health and safety is crucially important to us.

Experiencing the Greek “Philoxenia”

At Phāea, we are proud of our hospitality and work with enthusiasm to ensure our “philoxenia” is also paying it forward. Our guests can indulge in experiences with a distinctive Greek character infused with the best of local culture and nature. Phāea give many reasons to travelers to add Greece to their dream travel bucket list, as we lead in responsible tourism with yearround environmental, cultural and social sustainability programmes extending to every facet of the resorts’ life and beyond.


Cretan Nourishment: From traditional recipes to the region’s produce, every element of Crete’s identity is linked to Cretan Nourishment. At Phāea we aim to offer our guests a nourishment experience that includes menus inspired by old Greek recipes and fresh local products. We also preserve our own certified organic kitchen garden, in which we cultivate different varieties of fruit trees, vegetables and endemic medicinal herbs.

Seasonal Menus: Our daily menus are prepared with our guests’ nutrition in mind. All our restaurants celebrate local seasonal ingredients —reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that arise from transport and long-term storage — including honey and olive oil produced by our staff and fresh fruit and veg grown in our very own organic gardens. We offer local produce sourced from local small-scale farms. Almost all products are locally sourced or locally produced, having some of them produced especially through the Phāea Farmers program.

Cretan Olive Oil: At Phāea we use exclusively Cretan Olive Oil. We collect the best oil of Crete from local producers, while we also produce our very own Phāea Olive Oil. It is a Superior category Olive Oil that has been produced according to self-assessed sustainable farming practices within the concept of the “EU Farm to Fork” strategy.

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Local Experiences

People are at the heart of hospitality, and our team pours their soul into their work. That’s why we offer a journey that goes beyond just staying with us. Whether it’s embarking on a sunset cruise aboard our traditional caique around Spinalonga or immersing yourself in a Cretan Feast, we offer original experiences that mirror our values, with kindness, generosity and a dedication to people and place. Discover hidden gems, off-the-beaten trails and myriad opportunities from wine tours to food tastings at our organic gardens, barbecues aboard our private caiques and traditional feasts.

“People want to be part of things. Give rather than take. This is what makes them go back and feel changed, fulfilled and inspired”.
– Agapi Sbokou