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Our People

Our People

Our employees are at the heart of everything we do; they shape who we are, what we achieve and what we believe. Our employees are essential to achieving our strategy and vision, which is why we continually invest in them and aim to build a culture of recognition and respect while maintaining a safe, fair and inclusive workplace.

Local Staff
Women in Managerial positions
7.740 hours
of training
937K €
invested in Employee Benefits
Retention rate
Our commitment is to provide a safe working environment that provides equal opportunities for all.

Our Approach

At Phāea, we prioritize a fair, inclusive workplace where employees, irrespective of gender, nationality, or age, are treated with respect. Harassment based on race, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or abilities is strictly prohibited. We hire locally, fostering cultural diversity, and provide equal opportunities for professional growth, ensuring every individual contributes to our shared success.

Local Talent

We hire local people and ensure that our resorts live and breathe local cultures. We pride ourselves on reaching over 85% of local talent employed in our Group. The Phāea Farmers Programme promotes our employees’ agricultural activities. As Crete is an island known for its agriculture, many of our employees are also seasonal farmers during the low season, when hotels are closed. Under this context, at Phāea, we have designed the “Phāea Farmers Program” to support our people’s agricultural efforts utilizing a network of local food experts and agronomists.

A Culture of Wellness and Well-being

At Phāea, our people’s wellness is a top priority, laying the foundation for our success. We foster a respectful, professional, and inclusive workplace, organizing events like Culture Day and HR Days. Mental health and work-life balance are crucial, and we invest in initiatives like the Phāea Book Club, promoting communication, diversity, inclusion, and building strong team relationships through meaningful discussions.


Employee Engagement

At Phāea, employee engagement is at the heart of our business strategy. We seek to create an environment where employees captivate our family culture and remain engaged while experiencing job satisfaction, job commitment and cultural engagement throughout their employment.

Diversity and Inclusion

Phāea is dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace that values each employee’s unique skills and strengths. We actively embrace individuals with disabilities, ensuring equal opportunities for success, learning, and advancement, accompanied by fair compensation. Our disability inclusion program enhances talent recruitment and employee retention, equipping our team with the tools to thrive. Gender balance is integral to our Sustainability strategy, reflecting our commitment to equality. With two female CEOs overseeing all aspects, we proudly champion gender equality, setting a strong example for our commitment to sustainability values.

Training and Development

We consider our team members’ career development a top priority and a key to our long-term success of attracting, rewarding and retaining the best people in our organization. We seek to identify and develop new talent and provide various learning experiences and flexible delivery methods for a diverse learning audience. This includes on-the-job practice, coaching and counselling, effective performance appraisals and honest and timely feedback,

78% say that there are proud to work for Phāea
– Employee Engagement Survey in 2023