Phāea Farmers

Phāea Farmers

The Phāea Farmers Program stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability, nurturing a harmonious relationship between our resort staff and the land they cultivate. In collaboration with skilled agronomists, our staff undergoes training in sustainable and organic farming practices, promoting responsible land use. This program not only enhances the value and quality of production but also empowers our resort to access the finest local produce for our culinary endeavors.

Phāea Farmers is all about respect: for the health of our guests, the provenance of the ingredients, the agricultural heritage of local people and for the island.

Embracing the philosophy that small farms can be environmental stewards, mitigating soil degradation, and preserving biodiversity, we’ve partnered with Local Food Experts to craft a unique training program. During the low season, our dedicated staff, who are also small-scale farmers, engage in hands-on learning with agronomists specializing in sustainable organic farming methods. This transformative experience equips them with the knowledge to cultivate in a manner that replenishes the environment rather than depletes it. The fruits of their labor, grown with care and consideration, find their way back to us, ensuring a fair and sustainable exchange that supports both our staff and the local ecosystem.


Phāea aims at self-sufficiency

  • 27% of fruits and vegetables from Phāea Farmers program & own organic gardens
  • 85% of extra virgin olive oil from Phāea Farmers program
  • 47% of honey from Phāea Farmers program
  • € 72.6 K Phāea Farmers Income Support
  • 12.755 kg fruits & vegetables via the Phāea Farmers program
  • 9.530 kg Phāea Olive Oil via the Phaea Farmers program
  • 593 kg  honey production via the Phāea Farmers
  • 2.568 m² of Certified Organic Gardens
  • 100% free of Synthetic Pesticides & Herbicides




2024 Commitments

  • 100% of needs in olive oil front & back of house
  • 100% of needs in honey
  • Increase self sufficiency in fruits and vegetables



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