Our Environmental Responsibility

Our Environmental Responsibility

As luxury hotel operators, we are conscious in delivering uncompromising service while focusing on minimizing our environmental impact. We strive to reduce our hotels’ environmental impact and provide eco-friendly accommodation options for our guests. We are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and protecting the natural resources that support our hotel operations.

Our Numbers

of our total energy consumption derives from renewable sources
decrease of the total water consumption compared to 2022
decrease of the total energy consumption compared to 2019
Advanced electrolysis system
in our pools that uses natural chlorine from salt
1757 m² sqm
of photovoltaic panels for hot water production & roof gardens providing natural insulation as well as habitat to nomadic bees – We have activated 71% of our roof tops, and we aim to activate 100% of them in 2024
24 tones
of composted organic waste
decrease of waste to landfill
At Phāea we recognize our critical responsibility to protect our planet so that it remains healthy and vibrant for future generations.

Our Approach

We focus on practices designed to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and environmental footprint as a whole. All our hotels monitor, measure and report on their GHG emissions. We take measurable actions to reduce waste production, divert waste from landfills, increase recycling and food composting and achieve plastic-free operation. We also implement a series of water and energy management initiatives with the vision to create a healthier environment for future generations.

Water Management

Water management initiatives include the development of procedures, the installation of water-saving devices, the improvement of the efficiency of landscape watering and the control of water leakage. The collection of solid data on water consumption, allows us to make comparisons, implement direct interventions, make significant savings and improve our overall performance on the long run.

Energy Management

We utilize the latest technology systems to achieve high levels of efficiency in energy use. Our 3-step loop for energy efficiency includes: Monitoring System Installation, Observation, Action.

Sustainable Landscape Management

In 2021, we launched the Phāea Sustainable Landscape Management Program, designed to implement best practices, improve soil health, mitigate climate change and increase landscape energy efficiency.

Phāea Certified Organic Hotel Farming: In our Phāea Certified Organic Hotel Farming program, we raise awareness and promote sustainable agriculture in Crete. Our 2,568 m² organic gardens cultivate fruit trees, vegetables, and aromatic herbs native to the island. Certified organic by DIO, these gardens are tended by a local team of gardeners.

Phāea Plan Bee: Our hotels support bee pollination through year-round blooming plants, diverse agriculture, and Crete’s warm climate. Partnering with like-minded organizations, the Phāea Plan Bee initiative aims to strengthen pollinators, especially bees, the primary pollinators in Europe.

64 - Wanderlust Greece_Crete_ Spinalonga_736
164 - Elounda Village
227 - Lyrarakis Winery

Waste Management

We have embarked on an ambitious plan to reduce the use of plastics and adopt new alternatives into our daily operations. We are committed to reducing our waste, the amount of solid waste in landfill and enabling principles of the circular economy. We collaborate with partner organizations accredited per ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, IS0 39001 and ISCC EU standards to support best practices for waste reduction and recycling and per the legislation’s requirements.

Food Waste Reduction Initiatives: To combat food waste, Phāea implements initiatives like the “Food for Feed” pilot project and on-site natural composters. In 2023 alone, 24 tones of organic waste were diverted from landfills, showcasing our dedication to minimizing environmental impact.

Organic Garden and Fertilizers: Our commitment to sustainable landscaping includes the use of organic fertilizers like composted kitchen scraps and vermiculture. These practices nourish our certified-organic garden, contributing to a healthier environment.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices: Phāea prioritizes the minimization of toxic materials in cleaning products. Our waste management practices encompass sourcing animal cruelty-free amenities, Fiberpack™ certified paper products, and environmentally friendly chemical solutions. These efforts reflect our commitment to responsible and sustainable operations.

Plastic Consumption and Waste Strategy (2025): As a signatory of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Phāea aims for 100% recycling of plastic packaging in our hotels by 2025. Ongoing partnerships, such as with Nespresso for coffee capsule recycling, support our compliance with EU regulations.

At Phāea, we remain committed to reducing our environmental impact at the local level, while strengthening our recycling program, managing effectively our water and electricity plans and moving towards plastic-free resorts by 2025.