Garden Tours

Garden Tours


Explore the vibrant tapestry of nature at our eco-conscious hotels in Crete, where the beauty of the island’s landscape comes to life in our meticulously curated outdoor spaces. Over the past 40 years, our gardens, nurtured by Crete’s fertile soil and sun-drenched climate, have blossomed into a medley of fragrant flowers, indigenous plants, and aromatic herbs. Imagine pathways lined with palm trees, creating an impressive walkthrough that leads to a haven of serenity.

Against this backdrop of unspoilt beauty, the dream of slow-paced living comes to life. 
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Nestled within the embrace of our vibrant Mediterranean gardens, Cretan Malia Park invites you on a journey to discover the island’s rich floral heritage. Embark on an adventure alongside our head gardener, as they guide you through our lush grounds, unraveling the secrets of hundreds of indigenous species that paint a vivid portrait of Crete’s natural wonders.

In the spirit of our commitment to sustainability and conservation, we don’t just showcase the beauty of our gardens – we actively engage in environmental workshops. Join us in these vibrant initiatives, where recycling activities and cleaning initiatives become playful endeavors to preserve the splendor that surrounds us. Come, be part of our efforts, and let’s weave a greener, brighter future together amidst the timeless allure of Crete.


Cretan Malia Park

A lifestyle worth discovering. Proudly local, enveloped by an idyllic locale, a hideaway in every sense where mindfulness and design intertwine seamlessly, welcoming families and couples alike.

Phāea Blue Palace

Wild beauty. Unrivaled island style. A place where you can sense an older, truer more timeless Greece and the virtues of care and authenticity are celebrated by an understated sense of luxury.