Kafeneio - an ode to timeless Greece

Kafeneio – an ode to timeless Greece


A love of coffee and socializing is very much a part of Greek culture, as is the historic concept of philoxenia, or Greek hospitality. Greek coffee is the love and passion of every generation. You may enjoy your Greek coffee in “hovoli” – heating in hot sand – and get a good sip of the Greek living. ⁠

Brewing the perfect cup of Greek coffee is an art form, and when you order your cup, you’re not just selecting a beverage – you’re crafting an experience. Define the sweetness level to suit your taste with a special vocabulary: ‘sketos’ (without sugar), ‘metrios’ (with a tsp. of sugar), ‘glykos’ (sweet, with 2 tsp. of sugar), or ‘variglykos’ (very sweet).

It’s more than just coffee; it’s an active invitation to explore the delightful nuances of Greek coffee culture.
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Unlock the art of spending leisurely mornings or afternoons in the kafenion, the cherished realm of the traditional Greek café. Since the 1830s, these kafenia have been integral to the tapestry of social life. Men continue to invest hours in their local kafenion, engaging in spirited conversations about politics or challenging each other to a game of backgammon, all while cradling a cup of coffee.

The timeless tradition of pausing at the Kafenion for a Greek coffee and a touch of raki, weaving through chats, card games, or backgammon matches, remains the beating heart of a community’s social center. It’s more than a routine; it’s a vibrant connection to the pulse of Greece, where every sip and every move is an invitation to relish the art of camaraderie


Tiny and lively , the traditional Cretan “kafenia” (coffee shops), are usually a family affair. ⁠Hidden away in lush green gardens, nestles the traditional Kafenio of Cretan Malia Park. Stone-brick walls, traditional wooden chairs, rustic ambiance and a wonderfully simple coffee menu is on offer, with typical Cretan meze dishes, delicious local desserts and great tsikoudia – all prepared and offered with love and care.⁠

Our traditional Kafenio at Village Heights, built around a tiny square, embraces the essence of Greek tradition. With stone-brick walls, wooden chairs, and a rustic environment transporting you back in time, it’s a must-see. In this quaint setting, indulge in the vibrant spirit of Greece, where every sip and every bite tells a story of tradition and authenticity.

Cretan Malia Park

A lifestyle worth discovering. Proudly local, enveloped by an idyllic locale, a hideaway in every sense where mindfulness and design intertwine seamlessly, welcoming families and couples alike.

Village Heights Resort

Operated by Phāea and nestled amongst lush, landscaped gardens offering views of the generous Cretan nature and countryside and embracing mindful vacation and active living.