Maison Flâneur


In partnership with Design Hotels, the collaboration between Cretan Malia Park and Maison Flâneur is a testament to the seamless blend of traditional Cretan craftsmanship and modern design sensibilities. By focusing on materials and textures endemic to Crete, such as walnut, chestnut, bamboo, and rattan, combined with the earthy palette of wood tones and vibrant colors, this partnership creates a collection that embodies the spirit of the island. The inclusion of indigenous objects and art inspired by the natural landscape of Crete further infuses each piece with a sense of place and authenticity.

This curated collection does more than just furnish a space; it invites the essence of Cretan Malia Park’s serene and bohemian atmosphere into homes around the world. The use of murals and carefully selected materials not only serves as a focal point in interior design but also narrates the rich cultural and natural heritage of Crete. It’s a deliberate choice that encourages a lifestyle centered around the beauty and relaxed ethos of the Mediterranean.


Through this partnership, Maison Flâneur extends an opportunity for individuals to integrate the distinctive aesthetic and mood of Cretan Malia Park into their own environments. It’s a bridge between the tactile experience of the hotel’s spaces and the personal curation of one’s living space, offering a collection that is both unique and deeply rooted in the Cretan tradition. This collaboration is a celebration of cultural identity, artisanal craftsmanship, and the art of living well, encapsulated in a series of objects that resonate with the warmth and inviting spirit of Crete.