Melina Xenaki


Melina Xenaki forges a unique blend of artistry and hospitality through her partnership with Phāea. Her commitment to crafting bespoke ceramic pieces that echo the rich cultural tapestry of Crete is evident in every corner of the hotel. At Phāea Blue Palace guest rooms, Xenaki’s work enhances the aesthetic and atmosphere, offering guests an immersive experience that combines luxury with local tradition. This collaboration not only showcases her talents in ceramics but also highlights her ability to weave narrative and place into tangible forms, making the hotel a sanctuary of Cretan artistry and elegance.

Xenaki’s influence extends beyond decor; her pieces serve as a bridge between the hotel’s contemporary luxury and the ancient heritage of Crete. Each item, whether it’s a vase, a wall hanging, or tableware, tells a story of the island’s history, myths, and natural beauty. This partnership reflects a shared vision of celebrating and preserving cultural identity through art. It enhances the guests’ connection to the destination, making guests’ stay a deeply personal encounter with Cretan culture through the lens of Melina Xenaki’s inspired ceramics.