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Embark on a journey where artistry meets hospitality as Anthologist, a curator of soulful objects, joins hands with Phāea, to showcase our own version of Greek hospitality. Andria Mitsakos, the visionary founder of Anthologist, unveils the inspiration behind this unique collaboration aimed at creating something extraordinary for PHĀEA’s VIP partners. The focal point of this artistic endeavor is a meticulously crafted plate, a unisex masterpiece designed for versatility — whether serving olive oil and meze or holding everyday treasures like coins, keys, and trinkets. Drawing from the vibrant colors of PHĀEA’s brand palette, the plate showcases floral elements that pay homage to the abundant natural resources of Crete, echoing PHĀEA’s deep connection to its land. The collaboration also features the iconic Greek letter “Φ,” symbolizing the golden ratio and embodying balance in art and architecture throughout history. Each piece is a testament to the poetic, simple, and primitive style, handcrafted with care by a Cretan ceramicist in Athens, Greece, and adorned with the distinctive touch of hand-painted artistry.



To ensure an authentic Greek gastronomic experience, Anthologist was also enlisted to enhace the traditional ambiance at MEZZE at Cretan Malia Park. A touch of artistry to the dining experience, with hand-thrown vases and vessels uniquely showcasing Anthologist’s founder commissioned, hand-painted motif. Crafted with a poetic, simple, and primitive style, these pieces are meticulously created by hand. The selection also includes signature brass salt and pepper grinders, meticulously handmade in Northern Greece, adding a distinctive flair to the culinary journey.