Philippos Theodorides


Philippos Theodorides is an award-winning illustrator, renowned for his artistic prowess showcased in numerous solo exhibitions both in Greece and on the international stage. His creative brilliance extends far beyond conventional boundaries, transcending the ordinary to capture the extraordinary. Notably, Theodorides has left an indelible mark on Phāea Blue Palace and its landscape with his iconic mural paintings, turning the ordinary walls into captivating canvases that tell stories of beauty and intrigue.

Having lent his artistic touch to the various spaces in the hotel, Theodorides has seamlessly woven his visual narratives into the very fabric of these spaces. His work goes beyond the conventional realms of illustration, transforming these areas into immersive experiences that transcend the boundaries of traditional hospitality. The essence of Theodorides’ art lies in his ability to capture moments that are not only constantly evolving but also inherently charming. His illustrations breathe life into the mundane, revealing the beauty that often hides in plain sight. Each stroke of his brush tells a story, inviting guests to explore the enchanting details of the ever-changing and mesmerizing scenes he creates.