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Zeus+Δione x Phāea

With creativity, design and culture at its core Zeus+Δione was born from a passion to revive and redefine the local craft of artisans all over Greece, producing pieces of exceptional quality that go beyond tradition. Paired with our philosophy for connecting guests with a true and more timeless Greece, the result is an exquisite Zeus+Δione x Phāea candle set.

Made of Greek honeycomb from Crete and infused with notes of honeysuckle essential oils, this candle set is inspirited by ancient pottery and oil lamps. Reflecting the merging of three complimentary shapes, it comes with a ceramic hexagonal beehive-inspired base, encrusted with the Ζ+Δ signature ‘Spathoto’ motif. Our honeycomb wax is carefully molded and left to rest for 24 hours, ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting burn. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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Zeus+Δione x Phāea Blue Palace

An exclusive collaboration to mark the celebration of the hotel’s 20th anniversary. A beautiful collection of accessories for both men and women featuring the brand’s signature ‘Spathoto’ motif woven in navy blue and white cotton. Silk production is a significant element of the local history in Soufli. Spathoto, the signature silk fabric at Zeus+Dione, represents tradition and offers a stunning look and an amazing feel to everyone who wears it. The complexity of the production is evident even at a first glance. The fabric’s texture, its beauty, as well as the special pattern with lines that remind us of swords (“spathi” in Greek, hence the name) offer those who wear it a rare privilege: the feeling of becoming part of an ancient practice.

Contentment and relaxation were an important factor to consider when designing the collection for the Z+D x Blue Palace collaboration. The deep blue against the white, just like all these elements surrounding us on a Greek holiday, set the tone for the signature Spathoto weave. The tote and pouches are created to hold all the things you want to travel with during your stay, whilst the details on the recycled macramé bracelets made with off-cut fabrics -traces of our 10-year journey – tell stories of myths and folktales.
– Marios Schwab, Creative Director of Zeus+Δione